Story/Song @ Casablanca Coffee, April 1

Hey, hey: Please join me at a Nashville reading on Friday, April 1.

Todd Dills with the scoop:

Musicmaker Mike Willis (, good friend of THE2NDHAND in our south co-HQ, proposed an idea not so long ago that now comes to fruition, an evening combining song and story toward a different sort of Music City listening room with interplay between genres.

On the first Friday of April, none other than the grand Fool’s Day, we convene with Willis and other guests for the first such event, a couple hours’ worth of shorts and music from 6:30 p.m. on at Casablanca Coffee in the Gulch. Stop in, enjoy a hot brew or a beer and listen:

Story/Song @ Casablanca Coffee, 602 12th Avenue South, Nashville (615) 942-7666

**prose work by: Nashville writer/Keyhole magazine editor Gabe Durham and THE2NDHAND editor Todd Dills
**music by Mike Willis and others
**sketch theater shorts by the crew behind the burgeoning Nashville No Shame Theater, featuring among others Lynn Edwards, Dean Shortland, and Marin Miller

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