Free Time in NOÖ 12

NOÖ 12 just came out, featuring a Fun Camp short called Free Time. Also in the issue are reviews & proses & poems by a bunch of people I like. Luke Bloomfield’s the finest disc golfer I know (personally, that is–There’s a league of all-deaf Northamptonites that’d give him a run for his putter). Mike Young is the author of 3 of the 8 songs my wife and sang in our living room last night. Sean Rosenberg! Why didn’t I try yoga the three years I had Lily Ladewig around? Zack Sternwalker wrote a funny unhinged book on my shelf. I particularly like Running the Drain by Keyhole 10’s own Brian Allen Carr. You could read it or you could not read it or you could see if there’s comments and move on.

My own camps growing up were all heavily scheduled, but traditionally featured a three-hour block of free time in the afternoon. It felt weird to be so regimented and then not. Wait: Free time? But what am I supposed to do with it? “Freedom!” the space ants cry when Homer bumps their glass cage broken. “Horrible, horrible freedom!”  I’d usually go to the pool or go play ping pong or go work on skits.

During my first months in TN I had an extremely demanding job. I spent my free time thinking of ways to do my job better. My job calmed and I’ve been gifted/confronted with more free time. OK, friends, ready to hang out now! OK, new big writing project, I’m ready to be absorbed. “And that’s adulthood, kids,” a counselor announces in another FC short, this time referring to our wonderful capacity for forgetting the math we don’t use. “An endless string of summers full of sweet choice. It’s as fun as it sounds and it’s never terrifying, not if you’re smart about it.”

4 thoughts on “Free Time in NOÖ 12

  1. herocious says:

    FREE TIME kept me engaged throughout. I liked reading it.

  2. gabe says:

    Hey, thanks for saying so, herocious.

  3. Dave says:

    This is one of my favorites. Thanks to lointhemorning for reminding me to stop by and catch up. Hope you guys are doing well. We sit around thinking about you longingly all day long.

  4. gabe says:

    I knew it! Thanks, Dave. We miss you guys–especially Declan, who has pretty much always been my favorite.

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