Keyhole 10 Available for Pre-Order

Now available for pre-order: Keyhole 10!

Keyhole 10 is fiction and poetry by James Tadd Adcox, Chris Bachelder, Brian Allen Carr, Robert Casella, Ben Loory, Dan Magers, Sarah Norek, Rob Talbert, Tom Whalen, Mike Young, and Leni Zumas.

The issue features stories and poems from several forthcoming books, including White-Collar Worker: I Am Destiny by Dan Magers (forthcoming from H_NGM_N), Short Bus by Brian Allen Carr (forthcoming from Texas Review Press), Look! Look! Feathers! by Mike Young (forthcoming from Word Riot) and Abbott Awaits by Chris Bachelder (forthcoming from LSU Press).

Hey, speaking of H_NGM_AN: Kelin Loe’s poem plays are a lot of fun. So’s this poem by Amy McDaniel.

Ben Loory, Robert Casella, and Tom Whalen also have books coming out soon. (Also, somebody really ought to put out Tom Whalen’s The President in Her Towers.) And Leni Zumas’s terrific collection, Farewell, Navigator, is available from Open City Books. Last Christmas, I did the HTMLGIANT gift exchange and ordered Zumas’s book for  my person. (The dude who drew my name sent me his own book. Oh well.)

Publisher’s Weekly singles out Mike Young’s Keyhole story in their review of his forthcoming collection, Look, Look, Feathers: “Young hits the mark in this smart, quirky debut collection, where base humanity–like the macho behavior of a high school gym teacher who is revealed to have only one testicle in “The World Doesn’t Smell Like You”–is juxtaposed against a crushing swell of technology and pop culture.”

Thanks to Peter Cole, Christy Cruthfield, Brian Mihok, Nick Kocz, and Molly Gaudry for working to make the issue happen. (Molly’s gone off to work on other stuff, but she read a bunch for us and helped discover Sarah Norek’s fantastic story, “Pet,” before she left.) And thanks to Matt Bell, Jason Jordan, and everybody else who is helping get the word out.

Funny to think Keyhole 9 was the one I was in. The lag between 10 & 11 will be shorter, I promise. Keyhole 11 will be shorter, too. More on that later. Now reading submissions. In case it helps, I filled out the editor interview questionnaire at Duotrope.


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