Collagist Podcast: Prepare Yourself

My story, This Doomed Gift Before You, came out in The Collagist last February, and now you can hear me read it as part of their podcast series.

My rich voice tends to sound best on headphones that cost over $115. Go to Best Buy and tell the guy that you’re planning to listen to a dude read fiction from the little mic his friend got him at a tech fair for $3 in junior high and that said dude went to the trouble of using free software to do a background hiss reduction on the whole thing, so you need some phones that’ll catch his low-end booms without sacrificing treble, phones by a brand you’ve heard of, phones to adequately receive the high-caliber deal that’s already waiting on your iPod. Tell him you’ve been good and haven’t listened yet even though it’s killing you, that you want the first time to be just right. Then notice aloud that his shirt matches his baby blue eyes and ask him what time he gets off work. A little forward? I guess, but in this era, a girl’s got to go after what she wants, AM I RIGHT, ladies?


2 thoughts on “Collagist Podcast: Prepare Yourself

  1. Gabe Durham says:

    Yes, the use of panda skull provides a subtle but distinct reverb well worth the $400 it cost me.

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