Keyhole 10 Wrap-up

Keyhole 10 is full. It’s so good! People wrote good things and soon you can read them! Late November is when we’re thinking.

The last things we accepted are these awesome Rob Talbert poems.

Last month, I met up with a couple of great gals from Nylon Magazine. They interviewed me about Keyhole for the Nashville section of their upcoming “cities of America” issue. They were basically on this big scavenger hunt to discover as much great local stuff as possible. Don’t know what they’ll use, but it was fun to be part of what’s cool about Nashville so soon after moving here. (Thanks, Peter!)

I’m putting together a one-page thing called “Keyhole Recommends,” a list of editor “likes” that we’ll tack onto the end of the issue in one big unattributed block of text.

What else? Bios, sure, we’ll have some bios. A cover too, you bet.

Now we’re already reading for the next issue, and we’ll be opening up to subs again very soon. We’re doing away with the gmail inbox in favor of Submishmash. Progress.

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