Fun Camp Mega-Post

Fun Camp. Fun Camp is a novel-in-shorts about a week at a summer camp called Fun Camp.

“I KNOW, Gabe. Fun Camp. I know about Fun Camp. Shut up about Fun Camp. Stop saying Fun Camp.”

Yeah, good point, but the other day a friend told me that he clicked over to a couple of shorts and didn’t know what to make of them.

So, for the casual reader on the go, jet-setting to the board meeting, go-go-juice in tow : Context. Orientation.

Plotwise, pretty loose. Most of these shorts were built to stand alone. There is not an overarching plot other than “a week at camp,” but instead each short (monologue, soliloquy, letter home, intra-camp note, speech, sermon, list, comment card, activity explanation)  has its own mini-plot. To learn more, you could read this conversation between me and Lydia Conklin about our camp books.

By now, there’s a pretty hefty sample of Fun Camp shorts that you could read online right now, so I’m going to link to all of them.

Why not start with Apology + Opportunity? This one was taught in a COLLEGE CLASSROOM the other day!

Your are feet wet now, good, so it’s time to try the motherload: 8 from Fun Camp in FriGG. So much on one page, i know! But maybe one day these will be in a book and each will be granted its own page. So picture that, maybe.

This one has a picture! Hello Clone, I Will Say

Which, OK, now you’re starting to notice: Not all of these are as explicitly about camp. 5 from Fun Camp

These are more tangentially related. Like: “A description of a new game.” Basics and Hard Year for Everybody

Or: “The musings of an incoherent cook.” Peek Here, Progeny

Or “the cook again, plus other stuff”: 4 from Fun Camp

Or: “A groundskeeper’s remembrances of a past long past.” Sure, I Remember Guns

(“Seems like with some of these he just wrote the short he wanted to write and then found a way to tie it in.” Wink.)

But then we’re back at camp and it’s all good: 3 from Fun Camp

and then Perk

and then (creepier when located at a camp) One About Circles.

And: A PDF! For printing or just clicking 100% then 125% then back to 100%, over and over. Largely Jamie Iredell (Book of Freaks) on this PDF but also Fun Camp.

More. There are still more.

Flight of the Boring (TLB 7 preview)

and Speak Up for a Treat and Thanks Brother Dave

and 5 from Fun Camp (featuring an autobiographical music review)

and Remember to Breathe.

Are there still more? There are. But they’re printed in in print journals (un-online), such as Hobart, Nano Fiction, Quick Fiction, The Lifted Brow, Saltgrass. Or they will be out but not yet: Dark Sky, Gargoyle, NOÖ. Or are on my hard drive, in wait.

4 thoughts on “Fun Camp Mega-Post

  1. Gabe Durham says:

    As of today, five new ones are coming out in Pear Noir! It’s one of those journals I’ve never had my hands on. This is my big chance.

  2. jeniferbrady says:

    Oh my goodness! I love this! I write books about camp, too. I’ve been a counselor since ’95 and I’ve been a dean as well. Met and married my husband there (he was a camp staff member, and I was a counselor when we met and became friends…then dated and got married a few years later) I am in the process of re-releasing them, so I don’t have much out there right now, but the first in my series just got officially re-realeased yesterday (Yay!) in paperback and Kindle, and I’m working on the rest. Keep writing. There’s so little good stuff out there about camp.

    Good luck!

  3. Gabe Durham says:

    Jenifer–nice! It’s true, I haven’t read many camp books. There’s a historical one, A Manufactured Wilderness, that’s pretty good. And Lydia Conklin’s camp graphic novel (mentioned above) promises to be pretty awesome, whenever that comes out.

    Any excerpts online? If not, maybe you ought to post a teaser from one of your books on your blog.

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