The new 30th anniversary super-issue of Mid-American Review is out. It features one of my favorite stories of mine, “Every Mostly Great Man in the State.” Here’s a paragraph, plucked nearly at random:

“Well I’ve had a tough day too,” the boss said. “My nephew keeps popping his head in the door to ask, ‘Are all the hats this heavy?’ ‘What does it mean when a marble is smooth?’ ‘Do I have to wear a shirt to work?’ I mean he was a bracketeering major in college—though he was also a business major, advertising major and art history major, and played multi-instrumentals in a genre-bending music ensemble that enjoyed some success, and he graduated in two and half years. And yet Royston was never dumb like this.”

Ryan Call and Roxane Gay have great stories in there too. And the new design is a huge improvement. Lots more to read.

Other good news: I’ve got new stories, “My Turn to Wait” and “The Inaugural Jump,” coming out in Quarterly West and The Lifted Brow. First non-Fun Camp acceptances in awhile.

Reading lots, but hopping around between books (I wish more novels were as fun to read as Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao) and Keyhole subs. We accepted some killer stories last week from Sarah Norek and Leni Zumas.


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