Hobart 11 Special Features

The Great Outdoors special features page is up now, featuring two collaborations between Lydia Conklin and me:

* Camp Conversation – Lydia and I discuss why camp is fun to write about, compare the camps of our childhood, and realize how much money we stand to make

* Hello Clone, I Will Say – a Fun Camp short illustrated by Lydia


* a kind of glossary for B. C. Edwards’ “Evitative”
* an appendix for Steve Himmer’s “An Encyclopedia of Urban Farming”
* an alternate ending to Shya Scanlon’s “Portrait of the Oughtist” as written by by Paula Bomer
* Joan Enright’s pie recipe (as featured in Eliza Tudor’s “Person, Place, or Thing”)
* A Behind-the-Scenes essay for “Cold Travel” by Gabriel Urza
* excerpt (chapter 1) from Steven Rinella’s *American Buffalo*
* an “extra” short from Scott Garson’s series of gymnopédies
* behind the scenes of “The Fish” by Patrick Somerville
* The Singing Fish: Revisited by Peter Markus

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