Fun Camp Invades Poland

Wow, hey, there are EIGHT NEW FUN CAMPS up in the new Spring Issue of FriGG. Thanks to Ellen Parker for publishing these shorts. Here’s part of one:

There are limits to what a deft urbanite woman can barricade in the name of godly repute. Is my point. Boy here likes you, he throws you in a pool. Boy here really likes you, God hums your name in his ear just as his dreams start to boil, then he approaches you somber at Quiet Time with big news he implies you can’t decline.

Contributors: Mike Berger, Anthony Bromberg, Lara Candland, Joshua Ben-Noah Carlson, Gabe Durham, Elizabeth P. Glixman, Shane Graber, Jac Jemc, Rachel McKibbens,  Alec Niedenthal, Nanette Rayman Rivera,Sarah Sarai, Marc Vincenz

FriGG is hot off the heels of an awesomely specific theme issue dedicated entirely to the show Law & Order.

In other news, a Fun Camp short is coming out in Wigleaf this summer, four are coming out in Pank, and five are coming out in TLB7.

Speaking of, you can already read Jensen Beach’s great Lifted Brow contribution, Africa, along with Diane Williams charting her weird course.

2 thoughts on “Fun Camp Invades Poland

  1. jensen says:

    Exellent news all around. Can’t wait to share paper with you!

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