notnostrums Issue #4 is Live + Remix Camp

The issue has four of my Fun Camp shorts in it along with new stuff by:

Jensen Beach, Brian Mihok, James Haug, Jessica Fjeld, Matthew Rohrer, Dorothea Lasky, Marc Rahe, Boomer Pinches, Daniel Khalastchi, Emily Kendal Frey, Brian Foley, Alex Phillips, Rosanne Wasserman, Mike Young, Jen Tynes, Carson Cistulli, Matt Hart, Blueberry Morningsnow, Michael Comstock

I’m glad the issue is out because now I can do a post that’s been in my “draft” folder for months. I remixed all my notnostrums shorts for pleasure and profit:

1. I put “Outfromers” into wordle and retitled it “booze donuts.”

Wordle: booze donuts

2. “Everything I Know,” I turned into a comic strip featuring a guy much unlike how the voice of the piece feels to me:

3. I gave “Safe Place” the Landman-Leidner xtranormal treatment. (Doesn’t embed or I don’t know how.)

4. Finally, I turned “Think Fast” into a poem with a little help from translation party:

I can get something for my son.

How many sons? In the head

just behind your head,

after the dial-up speeds up

to maintain these things,

I can get something for my son.

Murphy’s good with a razor,

but to speed these things now,

would be to tap the legend for dogs.

Your mother is one large bed,

each room and one single bed.

I can get statistics, statistics and

murder, domestic support and apples.

Two pins. One to lock the closet, one

to talk like a grenade. Occam:

I’m doing something wrong.


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