One for the baby book–my first AWP. Very excited to meet many online people I’m told exist in the world and to hang out on location with friends I see in person on a regular basis.

At the book fair, Jack Christian and I will man the UMass Press table. Come on by! I won’t be able to tell you much about our titles but I will sell them to you for 30% off. (Or, on Saturday, more than 30% off.)

I’m also doing an elevator reading that Bradley Sands put together. From Bradley’s post:

And introducing the Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens Reading Series: Elevator-permitting, a few of our contributors will read their short work during various times throughout the book fair. Meet at HTMLGIANT’s table at the specified times if you would like to be a listener. Space is extremely limited.

Ryan Bradley (Thursday, 12 PM)
Amelia Gray (Thursday, 1:30 PM)
Matthew Simmons (Friday, 1…:30 PM)
Mike Young and Gabe Durham (doubleheaders, mystery time and mystery day)

Best thing to do to catch my elevator reading would be to not let me out of your sight.


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