Wit of Winston

Up at web funny dominator Yankee Pot Roast, I’ve got a series of seven Winston Churchill anecdote remixes called Wit of Winston. Here’s one of them:

Winston Churchill once found himself in the home of his sharp-tongued political opponent, Lady Astor. Over coffee, she remarked, “Winston, if I were your wife, I’d put poison in your coffee.”

Churchill replied, “Nancy, if I were your husband, I would seriously shoot myself in the head with a gun.”

3 thoughts on “Wit of Winston

  1. ethan says:

    with a gun. lol

  2. Dan says:

    Gabe, this is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Even if you’re not familiar with the original anecdotes, you can still appreciate the piece.

  3. Gabe Durham says:

    Hey, thanks for saying so, Dan! Glad to hear it. I wasn’t familiar with a bunch of the anecdotes until I went rooting around for them. There are lots. Churchill anecdotes are their own little genre.

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