Stuff I’m in is available for pre-order.


Nano Fiction Volume 3 Number 2. $7. Also, they made my Fun Camp short, Apology + Opportunity, into their teaser excerpt, so you can read 1/3 of my contribution right now. Why wait?

A cappella Zoo Issue 4. Big issue for $7. Order yours in the next 3 weeks and they’ll throw in Issue 1 too!

Hobart’s Great Outdoors Issue ($10 for the issue or $18 for a year’s subscription) Featuring outdoorsy stuff by Mike Alber, Lydia Conklin, Lucy Corin, Curtis Dawkins, Matthew Derby, Gabe Durham, B.C. Edwards, Scott Garson, Becky Hagenston, Steve Himmer, Christopher Kennedy, Meghan Kenny, Peter Markus, Adam Peterson, Steven Rinella, Shya Scanlon, Patrick Somerville, Eliza Tudor, Gabriel Urza, Elise Winn.

Unrelated but nice–Pete Anderson of Pete Lit said nice things about my Complete Genealogy chapbook:

Durham writes in an easy, whimsical and very funny style, with protagonists who are just barely this side of loserdom but still inspire empathy in the reader. I found myself pulling for each one of them, even while fully aware that their lives will all fall just a bit short of the mark.

Thanks, Pete!

6 thoughts on “Stuff I’m in is available for pre-order.

  1. Pete says:

    My pleasure. I’m on the lookout for more of your work. And kudos on Hobart – their print edition is one of my top three dream venues for my stories.

  2. Gabe Durham says:

    Pete–Yes, I’m pumped to have something in a print issue of Hobart. They’re easily a favorite–one of the few mags I actually subscribe to. I’d been knocking on their door awhile now.

  3. Pete says:

    I’ve knocked several times, but not recently. I may have to call on them again soon.

  4. Gabe Durham says:

    I know they’re reading now.

  5. Mike Alber says:

    Gabe, loved your shorts in Ho11. Nice work. And I agree: trying to live in the moment is like finding that damn reverb button. What a great line!

  6. Gabe Durham says:

    Hey Mike–thanks for saying so! I just skipped over to your story. It was great. The ending reminded me (in a good way) of Wells Tower’s “Retreat,” the dread of an amazing kill, spoiled. Buck bile on a face reads well.

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