25 Books I Liked This Year

** in no order, re-reads excluded, favorites in bold **

David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

Stanley Elkin, The Living End

Joe Brainard, I Remember

Lorrie Moore, Anagrams

Lorrie Moore, Birds of America

Lydia Millet, My Happy Life

Lydia Millet, Love in Infant Monkeys

Nicholson Baker, Checkpoint

Nicholson Baker, Vox

Claudia Rankine, Don’t Let Me be Lonely

Aram Saroyan, Complete Minimal Poems

Etgar Keret, The Bus Driver Who Wanted to be God

Cormac McCarthy, Child of God

Jay McInerty, Bright Lights, Big City

Dennis Cooper, My Loose Thread

Dennis Cooper, God Jr.

Mary Robison, An Amateur’s Guide to the Night

Kafka, The Trial

Kevin Wilson, Tunneling to the Center of the Earth

Graham Greene, The Quiet American

Zach Savich, Full Catastrophe Living

Tobias Wolff, The Night in Question

Michael Czyzniejewski, Elephants in Our Bedroom

Brian Evenson, Last Days

Richard Yates, Eleven Kinds of Loneliness

** Update: Thought of two more. Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night and Mary Miller, Big World. So that’s 27. Not changing the header, though. **


3 thoughts on “25 Books I Liked This Year

  1. Matt says:

    Good list! GOD, JR. is one of my favorite books of all time. Lots of good stuff here, and many I need to read. I think I’ve only read seven of these.

  2. Gabe Durham says:

    I only barely liked “God” more than “Loose Thread,” Matt, so hit it if you haven’t yet. Rankine and Elkin I bet you’d like, too.

    • Matt says:

      I’ve read all of Cooper’s books, and did enjoy LOOSE THREAD, but not as much as GOD JR. and GUIDE. I’ve read Elkin, but not that one, although I’ve got it on the shelf. I’ll check out the Rankine too.

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