Items, Numbered

1. Jack Christian and I are going to read poems at the Green Street Cafe on February 18. I’ll remind you again.

2. There is a Sufjan Stevens-themed remix album that is getting a lot of attention. It sounds good. I like it. Three years ago, I did a Sufjan Stevens-themed remix album. Mine is different than Tor’s–not a strict Sufjan + rapper combo but instead an album built around his songs/instrumental pieces arranged to feel like one of his albums, silly long song titles and all. If you like my new remix album and haven’t heard the Sufjan one, give it a try.

3. I’ve got some morsels from my book-in-progress, Fun Camp, coming out in the next Notnostrums. Basics is also from Fun Camp.

4. Mike Czyz gave a great interview with Nik Perring this week, and gave me a kind and hard-to-live-up-to shout-out. Thanks, Mike! It means a lot.

5. The variety show went wonderfully: The performers brought their A-game. They also brought action figures, amps, oboes, and a “House of the Rising Sun” cover. Thanks to everyone who came. Let’s do it again.

2 thoughts on “Items, Numbered

  1. jensen says:

    A genius? It’s true! Lots of good, good things happening, dude.

  2. Gabe Durham says:

    Ha, thanks man! The g-word is pretty intense, but I’m glad he’s as pumped as I am about the story he’s printing, since it’s probably my favorite (of mine).

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