Ancient Wikis of the Future

Are you ready for some adventure, Barry?

The Sun

From the wiki: “Once regarded as a small and relatively insignificant star, the Sun is now presumed to be brighter than 85% of the stars in the galaxy, most of which are red dwarfs.”

From the discussion:”I found myself having to pull out the calculator repeatedly to make sense of the units in this article. The worst offender is the description of the core whose units are given in solar radii!!! That’s self referential!”

Further clicking: Faint young Sun paradox

Potential band name: Faint Young Son

John Cheever

From the wiki: “At the joint session, however, Dr. Hays claimed (as Cheever noted in his journal) that Cheever himself was the problem: “a neurotic man, narcissistic, egocentric, friendless, and so deeply involved in [his] own defensive illusions that [he has] invented a manic-depressive wife.” Cheever soon terminated therapy.”

From the discussion: “I’ll say it again. I know the definition of plagiarism, sir, but it is you who are making the accusations and it is you who has failed to provide the adequate evidence and substantiation for that accusation. Do so, or cease criticizing the article.”

Further clicking: The Swimmer

Advance-fee fraud

From the wiki: “The essential fact in all advance-fee fraud operations is that the promised money transfer never happens because the money or gold does not exist.”

From the discussion: “Are there any references to back the claim that billions of dollars are made annually in such scams? Seems high to me.”

Further clicking: Confidence trick (see list of many confidence tricks)

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4 thoughts on “Ancient Wikis of the Future

  1. Michael Ocean says:

    I’m so confident in great GRC post like these, I’m willing to post one billion dollars for this website if it can shore up just two thousand dollars in earnest money to open an escrow account!

  2. Gabe Durham says:

    Wow Michael that sounds great. I’m pretty swamped right now, though, so can I just give you my bank account number, SSN, etc. so you can take care of all the blah blah blah?

  3. Sarah says:

    “the essential fact in all advance-fee fraud operations is that the promised money transfer never happens because the money or gold does not exist.”

    Is Slavoj Zizek updating Wikipedia entries these days? Awesome!

  4. Gabe Durham says:

    Guess who I just looked up! From Zizek’s discussion:

    “Concerning ‘the Zachi Cohen controversy’
    This is not a controversy at all, he’s a random person claiming that Žižek stole his ideas. There is no proof for these claims and the person in question is said to have a history of such behaviour, he even made similar statements about Madonna.”

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