My sign-up ambivalence increases with each passing social networking site, but I’m really enjoying Fictionaut so far. It’s a lit site specializing in (but not limited to) short short fiction, where you can re-post your published or unpublished words and nice people (some of whom you don’t even know) will read and comment. Can you beat that? Fictionaut banks on the informality of facebook to create a space that’s more approachable and discussion-friendly than most (already pretty approachable) online lit mags.

Carson Baker and Jürgen Fauth started the site some time last year, though I only heard about it a month ago.

Also, there are some pretty thoughtful discussions happening, the kind where people listen to each other and assume the intelligence of fellow posters. Fictionaut just un-beta’ed itself last week, which means you don’t need a secret handshake invite to join. Jump on it, babies.


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