Gabe + Liz Concert Sunday

Liz and I are playing some songs at the creek this Sunday evening with fiction readers Ari Feld and Hilary Plum–her first reading ever! Email me for details.

Two potential anagram band names:

– Big Zeal (Gabe, Liz)

– Bighearted Hum Ablaze (Gabe, Elizabeth, Durham)

** Update: Jed Berry took this eerie photo of the performance. I’m the one in the headlamp. **

gabe liz night song


6 thoughts on “Gabe + Liz Concert Sunday

  1. Parker says:


    But the tunes were phenomenal.

  2. Michael Ocean says:

    Youtube this!!

  3. Gabe Durham says:

    I wish we had a video of it!

  4. liz d. says:

    young lady, hold those shoulders up!

  5. Gabe Durham says:

    Fold your hands, Showbiz, you sing like a peasant!

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