New Story: Ash Mounds

My story, Ash Mounds, just came out on the You Must Be This Tall to Ride website, edited by BJ Hollars, alongside new stories by Roxane Gay, who co-runs the journal PANK,  and John Dermot Woods, who co-runs the excellent podcast series, Apostrophe Cast. Good company.

It’s a Hadley, MA story, set in a real parking lot with real dirty snow mounds and a real Barnes and Nobles. It’s also, I think, my longest piece of fiction to appear online. I just re-read my story and then read Gay’s story, and thought, Wow, poor moms.


2 thoughts on “New Story: Ash Mounds

  1. anne says:

    hi gabe! i love this story.

  2. Gabe says:

    Thanks, Anne! Hope your summer travels are going swimmingly.

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