Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough

I just posted Chaper 8 of Lolita, Scrubbed. It’s the first longish chapter in the book and features the famous first cab driver/wife’s lover, which goes largely unchanged except for Gerard’s downplaying of Humbert’s muderous rage.

New online stories are coming soonish from Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens and You Must Be This Tall to Ride. You can read about the YMBTTR anthology here, which has a pretty amazing lineup of contributors, each of whom wrote craft essays to go along with their stories.

Facts: Michael Jackson wowed me as a kid with his “people shifting into other people” music video. Captain Nemo was my first 3D movie. The moonwalk is magic. Everybody had a great time dancing to Billie Jean at my wedding, some 2 years and 2 days ago.


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