Los Angeles came to us / chapbook / MAR people

We went to see Sara Watkins and her brother Sean at the Iron Horse on Tuesday. Liz impacted the set, getting Sara to play “In Tall Buildings” for her encore. Good work Liz, good work Sara. Her new album is solid–it’s got covers of John Hartford, Jon Brion, David Garza, Tom Waits, others, and seven originals, my favorite of which (maybe) is “Where Will You Be.” It’s produced by John Paul Jones and has Benmont Tench and all those Largo ringers on it.

Along with Jack’s chapbook, Mike just put out a new chapbook by Jimmy Chen called Typewriter. It’s about the internet, and investigates internet weirdness from a number of funny and insightful angles.

When I got my call about getting a story in Mid-American Review last week (mmm!), I was re-inspired to read the copy of MAR (XXIX, Number 1) that my neighbor friends gave me for my birthday. I was surprised to find so many right-up-my-alley wild stories from such a reputable lit magazine. The stories of Mattew Eck, Becky Hagenston, and Baird Harper, are so well-sculpted. I felt my interest considered, my time unwasted.

And then that got me off on the stories of Michael Czyzniejewski, which themselves have the aesthetic of the MAR stories/Aimee Bender/Etagr Keret. I like them a lot. Here they are:

– The Athiest Reconsiders (with notes)

– Nephophobia

– Wind (my favorite of the three)

3 thoughts on “Los Angeles came to us / chapbook / MAR people

  1. Mocean says:

    I got really excited when I read the title of this post, because in my confusion I thought you were coming to Los Angeles.

  2. anjali khosla mullany coo coo says:

    congratulations on the MAR story. i like MAR very much.

  3. Gabe Durham says:

    Thanks, neighborfriend!

    Sorry Michael, not happening, though maybe for a visit in the next few months. Hope you’re feeling better.

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