New Remix: Show Me Forgiveness

Here it is, my first new remix in awhile:

Gabe Durham – Show Me Forgiveness

For now, it’s listen-only. I’ll make it downloadable when I’m done tweaking.


It’s made of:

Bjork – Show Me Forgiveness
Andrew Bird – Lull (Daytrotter version)
Andrew Bird – The Barn Tapes
LCD Soundsystem – Get Innocuous!
Beyonce – Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)
MIA – Paper Planes

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5 thoughts on “New Remix: Show Me Forgiveness

  1. Mocean says:

    NICE! I heard LCD Soundsystem and then I jizzed in my pants.

  2. Gabe says:

    Oh wow. I knew it was a hot beat, Michael, but I didn’t know how hot.

  3. jendurfo says:

    I like it! But not the way Mocean likes it.

  4. Jimmy Carter says:

    Where am I?

  5. Gabe Durham says:

    Jen, I think that’s normal.

    Jimmy, I’ve got nothing for you.

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