25 Things



1.    In my presence, dogs tend to smile and pant and have fur.

2.    My blue arm-blood channels oxygen to my hands.

3.    Admittedly, at the age of nine, I transitioned from the child I had been to the child I was to become.

4.    I appreciate my favorite movie for many reasons, but particularly one reason.

5.    Exercise is ultimately unavoidable.

6.    To me, superficiality has always been the quality or state of being at, on, or near the surface.

7.    One of my favorite memories is unreliable.

8.    The first person I ever kissed was lipped and capable of suction.

9.    My current weight is undeniably measurable.

10.    I have a certain affinity.

11.    I had a dream once while my eyes fluttered rapidly.

12.    If I ever met Scarlet Johansson, my liver would produce the biochemicals necessary for digestion.

13.    Death looms.

14.    If you really want to see me angry, spend as much time in my presence as I allow and watch the emotion’s relative probability soar.

15.    Attempts at avoiding new experiences prove unsuccessful.

16.    My favorite holiday is annual.

17.    I kind of think that people who spend a lot of their time on the internet tend to find its content necessary, entertaining, or informative.

18.    A father was a longshoreman.

19.    A mother was of noble stock.

20.    Television often addresses me directly via pronoun.

21.    As condiments go, I’ve found ketchup to be consumed or rejected based on personal preference and appetite.

22.    My biggest flaw is subjective.

23.    Robert Frost was once quoted, not to me, and out of earshot.

24.    While typing this, I have not been running at full speed.

25.    My middle name is surrounded.

One thought on “25 Things

  1. Mocean says:

    Brilliant. :)

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