dogkickers, you, night

Chris Cheney and Francesca Chabrier started a blog: Amy Adams Forever

Liz posted on The Triplets of Belleville, a movie we watched twice and loved, thanks to our bro-in-law’s recommendation. I was glad The Big Lebowski was checked out at Pleasant Street Video so we could be introduced to this.

Just finished reading Anagrams by Lorrie Moore. It’s a sad/funny/sad book with an exciting structure: She drops the same characters, Benna and Gerard, in different life situations for a few related short stories, giving each of them a turn as the musician, as the one in love with the other, etc., moving the story components around to see what it spells. Then, just when you get used to the all the switcheroos, she makes the last situation stick, and the rest of the book is a novel that, instead of approaching fresh, we take all the baggage from the previous stories to the novel. Plus there’s an imaginary daughter. And way more puns than I’d normally advise, but she pulled them off. I liked it much.

If you live near me and would like a free copy of Bury the Cynics by the Lovely Sparrows, let me know. I’ve gone on record praising the disc and have now been entrusted with astroturf grassroots abandoned love promotional dissemination. AKA I will hook you up!

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6 thoughts on “dogkickers, you, night

  1. lovely owl says:

    who are the lovely sparrows???!??!
    hoo hoo hoo hoo

  2. Gabe Durham says:

    who are you hoo hoo hoo hoo… i really want to know… come on and tell me who are yooo…

  3. lovely owl says:

    you might find out who i am on tuesday the 10th of februray.

  4. lovely owl says:

    february, even.

  5. Gabe Durham says:

    I will look for the one with short or long hair.

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