Subway Imitator

My short short story, “Subway Imitator,” just went up at Johnny America. It looks great there, much better than on my Word document. Johnny America is one of the best-formatted web journals. Very simple and clean.

After you read mine, check out their fiction archives. Lots of good reading.


6 thoughts on “Subway Imitator

  1. Mocean says:

    Great “brief story.”

    “the soft moan of a woman so beautiful she needs only consider her own pleasure.”

    Could this woman possibly be the woman from the short story you linked to a while back, “When My Girlfriend Lost Weight”? Because I imagine that woman’s moan was really, reeeally soft.

  2. Gabe Durham says:

    Yes yes, they are the same. 11-pound women are the hottest of all.

  3. Gabe says:

    Crazy! I’ve never seen anything like that. Is it dangerous? Do people get crushed?

  4. pricearmstrong says:

    I read Freakonomics recently, and the authors pointed out that naming trends follow this pattern: A name becomes popular among higher Socio-economic groups, like Caitlin, so they start naming their daughters Caitlin. Then lower socio-economic status people start doing the same, except with alterations on the spelling, like “Kaitlynn”. Subsequent to that (and perhaps because of that), the higher SES people abandon that name, and start naming their kids something different, like Tara. Soon thereafter, low SES families start naming their kids Terra. It’s a vicious, unending cycle of low SES emulating high SES.

    Nice brief story.

  5. Gabe Durham says:

    Hey Price,
    I liked that part of Freakonomics too, though the connection to the story is one I never would have made without you.

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