Six For Six

The Madison Review has accepted my story, “The Conversationalist,” for publication. That puts my chapbook, The Complete Genealogy of Everyone, Ever, at a 6/6 (or 100%) publication score and means they’re all objectively, unarguably good stories.

I said some regrettable things about my story in the past, and I take back them all. “The Conversationalist” is not dumb, it just has a learning disability and needed extra testing time.

Now quick, vote for Mike. His sexy essay needs us now.

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5 thoughts on “Six For Six

  1. m says:

    congrats dude!

  2. Mocean says:


    Now I must prepare my Christmas mix… A Suite Love included. :)

  3. Gabe Durham says:

    Alright! Which juicy cut are you including this year?

  4. Boomer says:

    Congrats on the perfect score. I guess now you need another chapbook.

  5. Gabe Durham says:

    Soon as I’m rid of the first one and feel like doing some more sewing.

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