secretly giddy intellectual property

Lily started a blog.

Anjali started a blog.

I changed Jeannie’s blog link to a more active one.

A short short of mine is arriving at Johnny America some time soon.

Aimee Bender reads a “Fruit and Words” at Google. This is not one of my favorite stories in Willful Creatures, but it’s cool to hear her read and I like some of the things she says during the Q&A. A couple of months ago, I tore through this book and read Flammable Skirt immediately after. I recommend them both.

3 thoughts on “secretly giddy intellectual property

  1. snibsnab from 3B says:

    Oh no! Oh yes! Oh oh! Now I have to do a good job on my blog! It’s public!

  2. No pressure, snibs! Just don’t blow it.

  3. snibsnab says:

    Feel better, Gabe! I put the story we received today on the banister for you.

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