Update: A Mix of Pride and Shame

Since my last post, The Complete Genealogy of Everyone Ever has put its hand-sewn binding to the grindstone. It now has a publication score of 5/6, or an 83%, or a good solid respectable B. Thank you, Pequin. Thank you, “The One to Tell the Parents.”

This recent development heaps further shame on “The Conversationalist,” whose failure stands out more than ever before. I now understand that “The Conversationalist” is my ugliest, dumbest child. Not only has it not been published, but it robbed an old lady at gunpoint.

It has embarassed me. What’s worse, it has embarassed itself. I take no blame for this failure. I did what I could. My hands are clean.

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6 thoughts on “Update: A Mix of Pride and Shame

  1. Michael Ocean says:

    Which one is the Conversationalist? My neighbor STILL has my chapbook, so I can’t flip through to see which story you’re talking about. I think I’ll get it back from him this weekend…we’ve both been busy. CHAPBOOK FTW!

  2. gabe says:

    It’s the last one, with one guy competing with another at a coffee shop.

    Is FTW the WTF of 2008 or something completely unrelated? Should I start using it??

  3. Michael Ocean says:

    Haha… it means ‘for the win!’ As in, perhaps, ‘Tiger, for the win!’ or ‘Old nursing home lady with the gun, for the win!’ And you SHOULD start using it. 2008 is almost over, and its l33t lingo won’t last thru 2009.

  4. […] said some regrettable things about my story in the past, and I take back them all. “The Conversationalist” is not […]

  5. couch gardener says:

    FTW- also F the World, as in B.I.G.’s “Fucsk the world, don;t ask me for shit– everything I got I had to work hard for it…”

  6. cough gardener says:

    i cannot, apparently, type– or proofread before pressing send

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