Free Books, PDF-style

Wendy Molyneux is a favorite comedy writer of mine. I first discovered her on McSweeneys Dot Net, emailed her to say “this is funny, you are funny,” and she was nice and directed me to her blog. Now I read that and occasionally dip over to her husband’s blog, who is also a talented comedy writer.

Wendy Molyneux wrote a book called, Everything Is Wrong With You: The Modern Woman’s Guide to Finding Self-Confidence Through Self-Loathing. I thought about buying it, either for me or for a modern woman, but didn’t for reasons involving poorness.

Now it is online for free in PDF form along with some other very decent-looking comedy books by Sarah Walker, Jason Roeder and John Warner. This just solved all our problems. Let’s support free things with our time and electronic hype.

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2 thoughts on “Free Books, PDF-style

  1. Modern Woman says:

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. My pleasure, MW, thanks for stopping by. Anything you’d like to say on behalf of all the other MW’s?

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