Movie Movie Movie Time

The closest thing to Stella these days is Wainy Days, David Wain’s web series. The good news is that he plays the exact same character, only lonlier and sans business suit. The writing is a little looser but there are some great running jokes (“I hear wedding bells!”) and the troubles meeting women formula stays pretty fresh throughout three seasons. Angel is an above-average episode, full of the bravely dumb humor that makes Stella great. Or you could start with the first one and work your way through them.

Ari and Sara introduced me to Carson Mell the other night after we watched Taxi Driver. “Chonto” is probably my favorite, but of the videos on his website, “The Devil in Denim” and “The Writer” are both excellent.

Drew Piston is a San Fran musician who set his rink-a-dink-in-a-good-way electronic tune “I, Human” to an old-timey robot movie. It’s good.

Finally, Drunk History is so funny. This is the best one because of Jen Kirkman’s storytelling/hiccups:


3 thoughts on “Movie Movie Movie Time

  1. Thanks you sooooooo much. Thanks you, Gave.

  2. Which one did you like, Dave? I would think Carson Mell, especially.

  3. I did like Carson Mell – I liked the line about how writing is just taking a movie and mixing it with your crappy life. I wish I’d written that. But I was really trying to drunk thank you for the drunk history, because it was so funny.

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