Two Big Readings


Thursday Night:

The variety show was a hit. Attendance exceeded expectations. Thanks to everybody for coming. I got to meet/have a drink with new UMassers Ann, Louis, David and Jensen.

I knew the performers had it in them and they brought it. (Actually, I’d only read one good but very short piece by Ben Stein, so I only suspected he had it in him, but he went and blew expectations out of some sort of liquid. Water? Maybe…) Jeannie was in top form. Chris Bachelder honored us with a reading that involved taking off his professor hat. All music was great. If Ari or Hanuman + Tina made records, I would buy them.

I sneaked myself into the program and read this. Suckers!

One person said it made her feel like school was starting in a good way.

Friday Night:

Went to NYC with Mike this weekend and attended the reading/launch party for NO COLONY, a new magazine edited by Blake Butler and Ken Baumann, and saw these fine people read:

Nick Antosca, Robert Lopez, Tao Lin, Giancarlo DiTrapano, Justin Taylor, Mike Young, Shane Jones. A lot of good writers in the same room.

I also met Leigh Stein (who shares a NOO Journal with me) and Catherine Lacey and some others, whose full names I forget. I asked Catherine to trade chapbooks and she graciously accepted. We took advantage of Kendra Grant Malone’s hospitality/futon.

Other people wrote about the reading here and here.

I did other great stuff in New York, too (saw Joanna, Richdale, Ash & Clay, multiple smoothies, Vietnamese food, racial tension, subway impersonation, 24-hour Mexican food, and so on), but this is not that kind of website.

One thought on “Two Big Readings

  1. Prettycool says:

    I love all of these guys…cool stuff man.

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