New Story: Colossal Crimson Crop

I have a story, “Colossal Crimson Crop,” in the August online edition of Hobart, edited by two good writers: Claudia Smith and Aaron Burch.

The issue also features stories by A. Papatya Bucak, Brian Foley and J.M. Patrick, and an interview with Cathy Day.

The 20% longer version of the story is included in my chapbook, The Complete Genealogy of Everyone, Ever. The chapbook is available for $3 + shipping. If you’re up to it, read both and tell me which you like better.

3 thoughts on “New Story: Colossal Crimson Crop

  1. Michael Ocean says:

    Still an amazing story… even without my favorite line in all of ‘Genealogy.’ :(

  2. Thanks man! Yes, this version is not quite as sexy.

    I wish I got to see you the other night when we were both in town. It was a busy weekend.

  3. Michael Ocean says:

    It’s OK! My trip to L.A. was cancelled for three reasons:

    1. My flight back to San Diego on Wednesday flight was cancelled and I couldn’t get another one until Friday night (we barely made the Hercules & Love Affair show, which was awesome!)
    2. El Guincho, the dude from the Canary Islands that I wanted to see play for free at The Getty on Saturday, canceled for exhaustion/visa issues.
    3. Gnarls Barkley played for free on Saturday down in San Diego, so we figured we’d do that since we were unable to go anywhere on Saturday because I was so beat from all the airport business on Wednesday-Friday.

    I hope you had a good time! We will meet again. :)

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