You be the the bayonette / I’ll be the rope

My sister sent me a copy of the new Lovely Sparrows record. It’s great. More studio than the EP: more instruments, fuller drums, cleaner sound. Plenty of weird good elements in the background. Right now my favorite is “Wraith,” the opener, but we’ll see.

Three songs from the album are available for free (as always) at Daytrotter. I like this band. I’d like them to get big.

8 thoughts on “You be the the bayonette / I’ll be the rope

  1. Jen DurFo says:

    That’s funny–“wraith” is my favorite too. I also like “teenage viking.” Glad you’re enjoying it.

  2. Cool! In that song, I love the contrast of precise fast finger-picking with the messy electric guitar. And it’s just a great chorus.

  3. rooney says:

    Durham et Durham-Fowlers.,

    Thanks so much for giving an advanced listen to Bury the Cynics. I just saw a finished version of the video for “Year of the Dog” that should start circulating soon – it’s animated and looks like a cross between South Park and the old Tootsie Pop commercials with the owl in glasses. There might be wolves in the video and there are definitely ghosts playing a variety of reed instruments.


  4. gabe says:

    Hey Jon, my pleasure.

    I want to see this video.

  5. rooney says:

    ok, “Year of the Dog” is on the way VERY soon. Till then, check out this awesomeness:

    Viva la Lilys. They guy at the 1:50 mark has both the accent and demeanor of the quintessential Philadelphian of my imagination,

  6. Cool. I’ve never heard of them, but the songs in the background sound good.

  7. rooney says:

    now on handy YouTube

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