New Story: The Canadians

The the online version of the new, new NOÖ Journal just came out. Print version coming soon. Both are free.

I wrote a story that’s in it. You can read the story here: The Canadians

Other people in the issue: Daniel J. Bailey Benjamin Buchholz Alex Burford Mattia Cerato Noah Cicero Stephan Clark Patrick Duggan Bobby Farouk Elisa Gabbert Daniel Anthony St. George J.P. Gritton Fitz W. Guerin Ofelia Hunt Sean Kilpatrick Tim Laing Justin Lovato Chelsea Martin K. Silem Mohammad J.M. Patrick Andrew Michael Roberts Kathleen Rooney Peter Schwartz Claudia Smith Carrie Spell Leigh Stein Petteri Sulonen Deenah Vollmer Jasmine Dreame Wagner Sam Wharton

I read Stephan Clark’s story already. It’s good.

3 thoughts on “New Story: The Canadians

  1. emily says:

    “911 asks what’s my emergency and I say that two cars have just perfectly colluded right in front of Forbes Library on West 66. They say that matters of plotting and collusion should be taken up with the local police department. Wait! The cars collided, I say. Thank you, they say. Great work.”

    This is my favorite paragraph of today so far. If you are ursurped, I will alert you.

  2. A Canadian says:

    Is this a hockey metaphor? is the blue/red guy a hoser?

  3. Gabe says:

    Emily: I take it I was not usurped. Yay!

    Alex: There are underlying hockey tones in everything I write and say and do, my puckish friend.

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