Copy Pasty White Skin

Mike said he’d write a blurb poem about my writing if I wrote a blurb about his poetry using the phrase “comic enjambment.” Well I’m no fool so I took him up on it. Some day I’ll have a book and on the front cover it will say, “‘Hot Mormons!’ ~Mike Young,” and then people will buy it.

GABE DURHAM ON MIKE YOUNG: “Mike Young’s poetry has the “good fat” of a ripe avocado and everybody knows it. When he concluded his collection, “The Kindhearted Enemies of Mike Young,” with “I want to dip / my comic. In jam,” all of America wondered what “comic. in jam” meant.”

MIKE YOUNG ON GABE DURHAM: “Into a lineage that intersects the pastiche of Barthleme but dawned somewhere around Ezekiel 69:69, Gabe Durham somersaults or maybe limbos, touting anxious post-thumb-and-forefinger narratives of displaced class struggle and hot Mormons. Durham’s main themes of syncopated baby grinding, Africa, and solid-color polo shirts execute a mouvement gracieux in and out of his overriding conceits. In and out and in and oh my god oh my god oh my god. This interplay allows him to strive toward a unified weltanschauung that aligns him with such diverse poles as Richard Hell, Mallarme, and the guy who played the interactive chicken in that online Burger King commercial.”

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4 thoughts on “Copy Pasty White Skin

  1. Emily says:

    “post-thumb-and-forefinger narratives” is where it’s at. Let’s all wonder what “it” means.

  2. Emily says:

    ps: this is emily, as you can see from my name, but it’s, or rather I am, the emily you met at brian’s birthday sushi and sundae and the onion reading extravaganza. hullo.

  3. Yeah! That line might make the mini-blurb as well. Hey Emily, I found your blog on Jennie’s site and have just added it to my blogroll so I’ll remember to check it.

  4. Emily says:

    rock on.

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