New Remix: Playground


Gabe Durham – Playground

This track is composed of:

Bjork – The Triumph of a Heart
Madonna – This Used to Be My Playground
Spoon – I Turn My Camera On
Parvati Khan – Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja
M.I.A. – Jimmy
Of Montreal – Jimmy
One Measure Featuring Some Obscure Daft Punk Song

Track may be subject to future tweaking. 

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6 thoughts on “New Remix: Playground

  1. Old School C of C says:

    The first 40 seconds of this track are pure gold. Everything till all those false idol instruments kick in and distract from the nice singer singing about playgrounds. Wait… That’s Madonna??? Scrap the whole thing. I hate it.

  2. Wordpress Statistician says:

    Did you just include Bjork so google would send people to GRC like last time?

  3. Reggie Boatman says:

    Leave this man alone!!! He gives the world free music and you spit on him. For shame.

  4. Gabe says:

    What up Reggie, how you been livin since your show got cancelled?

  5. Reggie Boatman says:

    Pretty good. Had my hands full with exercise and blog commenting and loads of other stuff.

  6. lorena says:

    hola como estas mmmmmmm

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