Blockbuster Music: That went under a long time ago, right?

Streamin’ music roundup:

kid theodore

Kid Theodore is an eclectic Utah band with an ear for melody and an eye for gorgeous packaging. My favorite tracks of theirs are the loose, improvisation-heavy “Fasion-able,” with its mellow lead and excitable backup singers who nearly threaten to drown him out, and album closer “Os Passarinhos,” both of which can be streamed at their dot com along with the rest of their full-length debut, Hello Rainey. Which is real sweet a them.


Tracks from The Interiors‘ self-titled album are ripe for the plucking, especially their hit, “Power Lines.” The guitars shine on this track, perfectly offset by the jagged vocals and relentless drums/percussion. Love it. If their next record is as good as this song, we’ll be in business.


Finally, I just saw the Bowerbirds play at the Iron Horse on Saturday night. This hard-working trio of multi-instrumentalists mix it up enough to keep it interesting, but have a sound I can only describe as seafarer folk. “My Oldest Memory” was great. They closed with the beautiful “Dark Horse” and left the stage only after they played all the songs they knew. Which took about 45 minutes. Their myspace has their whole EP available for stream, and, like most good bands, they have a Daytrotter session. All of them are singing a lot of the time, sort of like that trio that Pete Francis was in. I’m seeing him at the Iron Horse for $11 on March 13.

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2 thoughts on “Blockbuster Music: That went under a long time ago, right?

  1. So nice. I’ll keep my eyes open for these guys at the HAWC.

  2. They might even be Sandbar material! Or is that a lateral move?

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