GRC Live! March 26


Consider yourself invited to the Gather Round Children Variety Show, a lively night of music, readings, comedy and talent. Hosted by Gabe Durham.

Audition: Wednesday, February 20, 8 pm

Performance: Wednesday, March 26, 8 pm in Butterfield Hall – Amherst, MA

Price: For you? Free of charge.
Questions? Email: gabe dot durham at gmail dot com

3 thoughts on “GRC Live! March 26

  1. Girlzee says:

    I’ve been waiting for this ever since Tom and Gabe hosted Pepperdine Homecoming 2006! I’ll be there 3 hours early.

  2. Lord Jeffery Amherst says:

    A stirring rouse, yes. Lure them with entertainment and then give them diseased blankets. It’s perfect.

  3. Gabe says:

    We had to nix the blankets. Turns out GRC East’s plans for manifest destiny are now considered terrorism. Oh, to live in the colonial days!

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