Show me forlorn. No, no, that’s dejected, I said… There! Keep doing that!


Graveyard by Graveyard

I don’t spend a lot of time listening to bands that sound like Led Zeppelin and when I do, I listen to Led Zeppelin. But if Robert Plant’s album of gorgeous duets with Alison Krauss doesn’t quench your thirst for gritty classic rock, Swedish band Graveyard will do about as well as any.

Graveyard’s influences are narrow enough that their self-titled debut could have come out anytime between 1972 and today. That includes their straightforward production and arcane lyrical content, which boasts Spinal Tap titles like “Right is Wrong,” “Evil Ways,” and “Satan’s Finest.” As near as I can make out, the band doesn’t reference cultural touchstones from any decade. The semi-recent exception is the vocal style, which emulates Chris Cornell as much as Plant.

Imitation aside, this band rocks. Most of these songs are built around classic rock riffs in which the guitar doubles the bass line while the other guitar wails. They’re capable musicians, so I’m rarely disappointed when the inevitable instrumental break shows up two-thirds of the way through each song.

This isn’t an album to listen to all the way through, so I find myself coming back to “Thin Line” as my favorite go-to Graveyard song for it’s heavy lead riff, rock-out chorus and vocals doubled on the octave. In case you forgot that rock and roll is a lot of fun, Graveyard is here to remind you.

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One thought on “Show me forlorn. No, no, that’s dejected, I said… There! Keep doing that!

  1. Thanks for this. After last year, I am so tired from listening to slow pretty music I did it to myself. Bring the noise, GRC.

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