Season 5, Episode 8


Episode #8 “Fiveteen Chances” (12/7/07): Thomas Bush, Darnell Brisco and special guest Colleen Faris. Songs/segments: “Sweetola-madoo,” very special announcement (almost), quiz, American Gladiators, return of Malibu, GRC workout plan, “Ruffles in my Muscles / Gangster’s Paradise,” “Guinness for Strength,” who Chris Faris is, caller Alex Moore of GRC East, Alex’s love life, protect the junk.

3 thoughts on “Season 5, Episode 8

  1. Storm (the American Gladiator) says:

    Did someone say that I am not beautiful? I thought that was what I heard! You now have 20 minutes to take that back before I rip your arms off. Then who will be attractive and who will have no arms!

    Wait, did Alex meet a girl? I’ll rip her arms off too!

  2. Malibu (the American Gladiator) says:

    Guys, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t publicize that video of me. That moment changed my life . . . for the worst. I never could get over the fear after that kick to the face. I couldn’t joust, couldn’t do Hang Tough! I lost my job, and had to start acting! I hope nothing like that EVER happens to you, because I doubt you’d be strong enough to go on.

  3. Diamond (the American Gladiator) says:

    Is Thomas still single? I just love the sound of his voice!

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