GRC in the Blogosphere, part 4: Jeers

good news

A Modest Mouse fan got a copy of Good News… Get Krunk and started an angry thread at a message board:

There’s a little love (thanks, by the way!), a lot of hate, and plenty of stock web hyperbole. A couple of notes about the album for those who are interested:

– The “Tiny Cities” remix preceded the album and is included only as a “bonus track.” I don’t think a lot of it, but I enjoy the Mark Wilkins sample so much that I stuck it at the end of the album anyway.

– All the real album tracks are comprised entirely of Modest Mouse music and Outkast vocals. I didn’t fill out any of the songs with drum and bass loops.

– If you like “Good News” and want more, there is a track on my second album that brings back the Modest Mouse/Outkast shtick: Another Krunk Track for the Barbee

Yay for shakin things up!

7 thoughts on “GRC in the Blogosphere, part 4: Jeers

  1. Redneck Jim says:

    We don’t take kindly to angry threads around here!

  2. Mahatma Gandhi says:

    Oh Jim, why must we fight anger with anger. Good work Gabe, the album is a perfect example of Satyagraha, as is your response to angry internet trolls. Keep fighting the tyrannical ideals of know it all music fans with your civil resistance to naive musical thought.

  3. Gabe says:

    Thank you, Gandhi. I actually have achieved a very specialized form of meditation where I block out all negative criticism. Liz hates it, but it’s helpful on the web.

  4. This is great. Congratulations! Today, I got an anonymous comment on my “about me” page that said “Interesting. But I disagree with you.” I was just about the quit the internet, and possibly all my former adjectives, when I read about your special meditation form and decided there was hope. Thanks again, GRC.

  5. That was me. I’m not afraid to come out and say it. As long as you refuse to join my crusade against GRC, I disagree with you as a person.

  6. Mahatma Gandhi says:

    will the world ever learn???

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