New Remix: “Mind’s Made Up / Morning Bell / 15 Step”

in rainbowsonce

Instead of posting to MySpace, I am making this one immediately available for download:

Gabe Durham“Mind’s Made Up / Morning Bell / 15 Step” (OR 7 Minutes in Catchy Yet Undanceable 5/4 Purgatory)”

This one is made of:

Radiohead – “15 Step,” “Morning Bell (Kid A),” “Morning Bell (Amnesiac),” “MK 1”
Once Soundtrack – “When Your Mind’s Made Up”
The Frames – “When Your Mind’s Made Up”
Dave Brubeck Quartet – “Time Out (live)”
Sufjan Stevens – “All Good Naysayers,” “Year of Our Lord,” “Come On! Feel the Illinoise!”
Simon and Garfunkel – “Cloudy”
Biodome 5 – “Voice Like a Shotgun”

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7 thoughts on “New Remix: “Mind’s Made Up / Morning Bell / 15 Step”

  1. Tom says:

    I saw Once earlier this week and I couldn’t get you and Liz out of my head the whole time.. I obviously loved it and wanted to share it with you… of course you are already aware.

    anyhow – I’m glad you know. Can I or can I not see your face this week?

  2. I saw Once twice (ha!) over x-mas… I loved it. Coming back to this remix, now I’m thinking that it’s even THAT much better than I once remembered!


  3. Thanks! I’m not surprised that you loved Once. “When You’re Mind’s Made Up” is a great song and the movie soundtrack version is a big improvement on the Frames version.

  4. Raghu says:

    Thank yo so much for the song sir!
    I really appreciate your generosity

  5. Gabe says:

    My pleasure. Glad you like it.

  6. Cooper Hardee says:

    this song is so fantastic in so many ways. best remix I’ve heard in a while
    especially because I know almost every song in it…..and Radiohead is my favorite band.

    you sir, are amazing.

  7. Cooper,
    Thanks dude! Glad the track made it to your ears.

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