Season 5, Episode 5


Episode #5 “Thumbal Regions” (11/7/07): Thomas Bush and Darnell Brisco and special guest Kristen Dellapace. Songs/segments: talking, “Harding Bashing Bonanza,” Tom supports Pepperdine basketball, Peter Pan, “Peter and Tigerlily’s Interracial Relationship Song,” Indian names: Ripping Flesh Wolf Man, cuddle drill, “Manifest Destiny,” “Can You Paint With All the Colors of the Wind?” lick the mic, “You’re A Grand Old Flag,” “In America, It Means Freedom,” “This is Our Land (Take My Money).”

One thought on “Season 5, Episode 5

  1. Dr. Phil says:

    being that I’m not a registered anything, I was wondering if there were any diseases that could possibly be contracted by thumbal region interaction?

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