Season 5, Episode 4


Episode #4 “ The World Will Little Note Nor Long Remember What We Say Here” (11/2/07): Thomas Bush and Darnell Brisco and special guest Elliot Cavale. Song/segments: Why Elliot doesn’t listen to GRC, “Tough Guy Stuff,” Central California, Cassidy call-in, “Best Girlfriend in the West,” “CowwwBop,” Gettysburg Address part two, “Covered in Fur,” over ten minutes on the phone with Elliot’s parents (a daring middle finger in the face of pacing or listeners’ interest), “Don’t Stop Believin,” when I cry. PART ONE, PART TWO

3 thoughts on “Season 5, Episode 4

  1. Randy says:

    So many comments…
    (1) First “R” rated movie… “Pink Floyd: The Wall”. And when I saw Bob Geldoff stiking crucifix pose in a swimming pool that seemed to turn to blood, I knew this was WAY to much for my tiny, middle school mind. Add animated marching hammers from Nazi Germany, and it was all over. Broken forever.
    (2) Maybe you guys should think about getting a board op, or someone who could keep the needles from swinging 180 degrees past the red. Just a thought from a guy who cares about audio/radio.
    (3) Don’t dis’ The Mouse. He will kick yours.
    (4) Fresno Native in the blog-izzle! (sorry) Anyone wanna do the Ickey Shuffle with me? Pass the biscuits and Gravy y’all!
    (5) Not to be confused with Clovis, home of K Fed (Wiki got it wrong again!)

  2. Seth says:

    Thanks for the blog’ment Gabe but I’m gonna be in Chi-Town come D-cember! Late!!!

  3. Brigadeer Generally says:


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