Things That People Searched For: The Many Roads to GRC

Back by popular demand, a list of things people searched for only to end up at a site way better than whatever they were looking for. The Weirdest Search award goes to “shirtless children,” only slightly less creepy than the search “sexy children” that brought someone to the site a few months ago.

life of pi reading group questions 1
country songs with the word mom 1
“josh ritter” “radio show” 1
life of Pi free audio 1
real not so-called me 1
childrens heidi song chords 1
songs about life struggles 1

state radio “us against the crown” 1
bakersfield+07 1
shirtless 1
pepperdine lectureship think outside the 1
change this world rock song 1
bumper sticker > bjork 1
“Jonathan Persons” 1

meerkat manor “life of pi” 1
what sound does a meerkat make 1
gabe durham 1
beatles love 1
“gabe durham” 1
Celebrity Stalkers Wikipedia 1
show me your 1
facebook You stopped returning calls. 1
cell phones and children statistics 1
“good news for people who ” 1
Shirtless+Children 1


7 thoughts on “Things That People Searched For: The Many Roads to GRC

  1. Potential debate: List of searches or deep poem?

    show me your
    facebook You stopped returning calls.
    cell phones and children statistics
    good news for people

  2. Shirtless David Caruso says:

    2008 will be mine. Jennings is going down.

    That’s right. (Shades removed). And the children.

  3. Mason Jennings Shirtless says:

    Listen Caruso: I’ve been campaigning for this thing ALL YEAR. I’m going to get “Most Searched 2007.” But what you don’t understand is that I’m going to take the buzz from my victory to jump start my campaign for “Mason Jennings Tight European Swim Trunks” in 2008. Good luck beating the incumbent. Also: there’s no website dedicated to people who hate me.

  4. Gabe says:

    Oops! I’m really sorry Mason Jennings but I’ve been telling everyone to vote for “Mason Jennings pectorals”… I got it in my head that’ what it was.

  5. Amy says:

    I’ve been searching for “Mason Jennings flexing” a lot! But what’s this about a contest?

  6. Mason Jennings Shirtless says:

    I’ve got the dumbest f***ing fans.

  7. Shirtless David Caruso says:

    Anyone sick of this guy’s abuse? Get on Google and search for “Shirtless David Caruso” and fight back!

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