Gather Round Children West Presents: Season 5, Episode 1


Episode #1 “Out With the New, In With the Old” (10/9/07): The radio show is back! And 55% as good as it used to be! Hey just kidding everybody. I’m Gabe Durham and I endorse this radio show. Segments include: “New intro: from the gates of hell,” better off without Gabe, Darnell in Vegas, “Can’t Be Seen In Public,” your game is weak, “The Race For Your Heart (Take Me to the Formal),” married dumb friends, Tom = engaged and then unengaged, “Married Friends Are Gone (sad),” “Married Friends Are Gone (happy).”

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3 thoughts on “Gather Round Children West Presents: Season 5, Episode 1

  1. Happily Married Man says:

    I resent this angry episode of what is normally a happy-go-lucky sort of program. It’s unfactual and it seems to be against marriage only because the cohosts are single and lonely. Married people are very fulfilled. It’s nice to be married. We enjoy ourselves and while it may not be as “fun” as singlehood, it is certainly more consistantly adequate. I’ve found that the many ups and downs have leveled since marriage and that suits me just fine thank you. I hope my comments have been both enlightening and helpful. Would I have time to write a well-thought out comment were I not a married man? No I would not. I would be chasing tail. So you see there is another benefit. It’s getting late. Thank you for this forum to discuss ideas. While I may disagree, I do find the discourse stimulating.

  2. Shane says:

    it just me…

    ors this guy a tool?

  3. Rudy Guiliani says:

    Dear Happily M M,
    Why not have the best of both worlds?


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