Happy 10,000th Child!

We’re pleased to announce that 10,000 children have gathered since May 2006. The super-secret prize for our 10,000th gatherer goes to Elizabeth Trimble Durham. She will receive $10,000 and a sushi dinner with the GRC radio host of her choice.

4 thoughts on “Happy 10,000th Child!

  1. Zondra says:

    I was up all night hoping to be 10,000th just in case there was a super-secret prize. This is total bullcrap.

  2. Spanksta says:

    Same here, Zondra. I’m looking into this.

  3. Gabe says:

    Thanks for your interest in the contest, guys! Better luck when we hit 100,000! By my calculation, that should be sometime next week.

  4. Darnell's Fifteenth Stalker says:

    Is it 100,000 yet? Should I keep trying?

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