World Premiere: And You’ll Like It


Studio Version: And You’ll Like It

song by Gabe, Dave, Tom and Darnell, recorded in East Coast seclusion by Gabe 

“And You’ll Like It” is a song we made up on the spot on the radio with Dave Staples and then repeated with Matt Highfield. All the lyrics in this recorded version were sung (or based on something sung) in those improv songs. This form of songwriting is called “The Shotgun Method,” based on Biodome 5’s popular song where we made up some lyrics once and then never changed them. Songwriting should not be this easy.


2 thoughts on “World Premiere: And You’ll Like It

  1. Bruce "The Boss" Springstein says:

    So i was perusing this site as i usually do on sunday afternoons and I realized that I should get back out there and tour again….The songs on Gather Round Children have inspired me to get back out there and show the world that good music does still exist…I’m just doing my part. Thank you for that burst of inspiration gang.

  2. Max Weinberg says:

    This was the inspiration you needed??? Well whatever. Sorry Conan, it looks like I’m hitting the road again.

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