“Gather Round, Children: The Best of Improv” Has Just Hit Shelves

Best of Improv

Gather Round Children: The Best of Improv

1. Baby… Shut Up
2. Where Did the Light Go?
3. Just A Little Thing
4. Little While Longer
5. Mother Russia
6. And You’ll Like It
7. Count Your Sins
8. Take My Money
9. Seduction Song
10. They Have No Shoes
11. Cliffhanger/Pick A Number
12. Dancing To and Fro
13. Nothing
14. We Won (No One Else Won)
15. Just A Little Thing (reprise)
16. Get On Board the GRC Train

At first we considered charging ten dollars per song because the album is so good. Then we decided to make it free because the album is so good. Enjoy. And remember: All positive reviews of “GRC: The Best of Improv” will be blurbed, thus immortalizing the listener for his/her supurb taste.

Special Guest Key:  Liz Durable (1, 10), Alex Moore (2, 12, 16), Jessica Kloor (3, 4, 9), Michael Brinley (5), Dave Staples (6, 8), Matt Highfield (7, 13), Christopher Faris (11, 14, 15)

8 thoughts on ““Gather Round, Children: The Best of Improv” Has Just Hit Shelves

  1. Radiohead says:

    This album is the most sonically inventive thing since we, Radiohead, invented sonic invention.

  2. Gabe says:

    I know. Good point.

  3. Crap, I just paid .29 to download this from a Russian mp3 site.

  4. Johnny Cash says:

    This is the best album released since my own death. And the very fact that I’m typing here proves that Gather Round Children is a branch of heaven.

  5. Ray Charles says:

    Here here!!

  6. Girlzee says:

    OMG! The stars of “Ray Walks the Line”! That’s my favorite movie!!! This album must be sump’m special.

  7. Truman Capote says:

    Frankly I don’t see what all the fuss is about.

  8. Mitzee says:

    The star of “Infamous Capote”!! You’re just jealous like you were jealous about the success of “To Kill A Mockingbird”.

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