Remix: “Morris Brown” by Outkast


Happy wedding season, everybody. I bring you the gift of hot track, available for listening at the GRC MySpace. The song features elements of Outkast, David Gray, the Proclaimers, the Decemberists, Goldspot, Bruce Springsteen, the Wrens, Beck, Klaxons, Wilco AND, FOR THE FIRST TIME, no Modest Mouse. Deal with it.

9 thoughts on “Remix: “Morris Brown” by Outkast

  1. Michael Ocean says:


  2. Dill says:

    Look here Durham: your public has expectations. Now I tried to do it the nice way by sending you an email every hour on the hour until you posted something new but then I figured you put me on a blocked addresses list. So now I come before you in public. Post something. Please.

  3. Yeti says:

    I, for one, agree with my man Dill. Now you can make up excuses all you like. Getting married. On a honeymoon. Moving across the country. But if you think any of us believe that for a SECOND, you are mistaken.

  4. Dumpling says:

    Yeah! Every true GRC fan knows that Gabe Durham is not even a real person. He’s like 20 different ghost writers. That’s why one piece is so good and another is total crap.

  5. Zelda says:

    My beef is that I paid $20/mo for GRC Prime and nobody has been updating that either.

  6. Yeti says:

    GRC Prime is a credit card scam by some Russian guy. There was a thing on CNN. You should cancel your credit cards.

  7. Dumpling says:

    Crap! Everything that seems cool on the internet is a credit card scam.

  8. Diggity says:

    Except for the free stuff (i.e. Gather Round, Children).

  9. Where is the wedding review?

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